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Rank - 1st, Delhi Judicial Services
Without Alok Sir’s teaching, I could not have made it. The achievement is like dream come true for which I am really thankful to Ambition Law Institute where I learnt & sharpened my skill to crack exam. After attending classes here, I understood the real importance of a mentor who not only teaches but preaches also the art of success and learning. I wish other aspirants similar success.
Rank - 2nd, Uttarakhand Judicial Service
I would like to express my gratitude towards the entire family of Ambition Law Institute for the expert guidance. Throughout my preparation for the judicial Services exam, I have found Alok Sir's articulated approach towards law innovative & exclusive way of teaching to be of immense help. I specially remember your short, smart & interesting ways of study.
Rank - 2nd UPPCS (J), IAS
Without your worthy guidance and encouragement, I would not have made it to the top. Your prophetic vision as to what is likely to come is matchless. Your personal interaction with every student and ability to help everyone sail through successfully is unique & appreciable. I owe my success to Alok Sir and his institute. Your institute is the best place for Judicial and Civil Services preparation.
Rank - 3rd, Madhya Pradesh , Judicial Service
I owe great depth of gratitude to Alok Sir for his immense cooperation and enlightening options vis – a – vis all law subjects. My selection within a short span of time bears testimony to this fact. Sir is such a wonderful human being that one won't find it difficult to consult him even in the odd hours of the day. I deeply feel indebted to Alok Sir and Ambition Law Institute for this achievement.
Rank- 3rd Delhi Judicial Service
I am thankful to Team Ambition as they solved all my problems pertaining to procedural & substantive method of sir's teaching &the Mock test also prove beneficial to me judiciary gives me job satisfaction was the prime reason for my motivation. Money after a certain limit only goes to bank. We do not need to be millionaires to be happy. I never had lust for money.Also this job provided me the opportunity.
Haryana Judicial Services
My words of gratitude are very small and takes a backseat infront of your dedication and efforts in taking me out of my darkness.,Sir, before meeting you and joining this institute I was just a trembling stone in my way, useless & waste but your teaching and guidance has carved me out into a shining gem. I remember whenever I was lost in doubts you sorted all out just at a glimpse of my expression. Everyone can see the shine which I may have now at the same time I owe this success to you my sir, my teacher, my guide and my God.
Rank- 3rd Himachal Pradesh Judicial Services
I am thankful to Ambition Law Institute for assiduously ushering me to achieve my goal. I have been able to crack H.P. Judicial Services Exam only because of strategic guidance provided to me at Ambition Law Institute, Delhi.
Rank - 1st, Bihar PCS
Sir, I would like to share my happiness and feelings with the family of 'Ambition' because of which, I have got 1st Rank in BPSC. No doubt it is the blessing of God and full co-operation of my parents but your hard-work, right direction at right time, punctuality and co-operation are also unforgettable. I would be grateful to you for your commitment and hard-work towards me and other persons who are selected.
Rank- 3rd UPPCS (J)
I express my gratitude to the Ambition family. It has really helped me in achieving 3rd rank in UPPCS. It was your able guidance and exclusive mode of teaching that made Law look so simple. Thanks for everything.
Haryana & Rajasthan Judicial Services 2010
Dedicated to the entire team of Ambition Law Institute. I am really grateful to this abode of teaching for helping me said through this journey of my preparation successfully. The able and experiences guidance of Mr. Alok Ranjan, Mr. A.P Singh & Mr. Rajeev Maheshwari help me to focus on the threat areas & finally crack the interview. I shall be indebted throughout.
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